Pottery I Pottery is one of the oldest human traditional trades. Soerdjan Parohi (1938) is a Surinamese potter who daily makes various objects as way of income. One of his famous and well-know product is the dia or diya (known as earthen oil lamp) used for Diwali or Hindu Festival of Lights. The potter collects his clay from district Saramacca. Before using the clay, he adds water and kneads it to soften. On his self-created electric-powered potter’s wheel, the potter puts a ball of clay at the center of the turntable. The wheel rotates rapidly and the potter gently upwards and outwards the clay into a hallow shape. He shapes walls, bottom, extra decorations and fine-tunes it. With a piece of cotton, he cuts of his objects and restarts the process. Parohi built his own oven with bricks and uses wood for heating to high temperatures so the objects can harden. After the firing process, the potter sometimes gives a colorful finishing touch to his trade ware before selling them. The potter likes having students over and often invites customers to try his pottery talents. ArtnPhoto/ Ranu Abhelakh