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Tittle: “Beyond the Shopkeeper’s Counter; Images of Chinese Life in Suriname”

Photography: Ranu Abhelakh & Edward Troon

Text: Paul Tjon Sie Fat

Language: English and Chinese

Format : 27 x 23 cm/ 136 pages/stitched paperback with dust jacket

ISBN: 978-99914-7-233-1

Price: Srd.113,50

“Beyond the Shopkeeper’s Counter; Images of Chinese Life in Suriname”, is a collaborative effort of three people: Ranu Abhelakh, Paul Tjon Sie Fat and Edward Troon.

A unique record of Chinese life in Suriname, which can and should be read as a sketch of Surinamese society. It is the first publication that explores Surinamese multiculturalism without the usual worship or denial of ethnic diversity. The photographs cover a period of about a decade, with most documenting the last few years, and some made specifically for this book. There are aspects of daily life, economic activities, annual festivals, social events, things we associate with Chinese in Suriname, and the way Chinese identity is part of Surinamese reality.

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